• Jessica Westervelt

It's 2020...the year of Community!

Hi Ya'll,

I know, I've been living under a proverbial rock without a blog, but that's all about to change!! Here I am excited to share my real life weddings with you, the process by which I plan and execute my designs and then swoon over the photos captured by crazy talented photographers....because a shutter bug I am not!

Speaking of, the photo above of Samantha and her gorgeous squad of ladies was captured by the uber talented Jaime Davis Photography ( You can also follow her and her cutie-patooty daughter on her Instagram @jaimedavisphoto.

I've heard/seen a lot of people talk about their "word" for 2020. A motto if you will, a phrase that they're going to intentionally weave throughout their year. Whether that's their business, their home life, their relationships; you name it. For me, that word is "Community". As a wife, a new-ish mom and a business owner there's a lot going on and sometimes it can feel a bit isolating. Even on days when my son is giving me a run for my money while still juggling 2 dogs, making dinner, finishing laundry since peanut butter & jelly coats EVERYTHING in my house lately, all the while still keeping up with social media and networking events and the business back end...its enough to make you want to curl up and shut out the world and just wait for it all to blow over.

NEWSFLASH!! We're all a little overwhelmed, out of our element in some way and at the end of the day just trying to make it all work. To that end I have accepted two major truths;

1. I can't be all the things all the time, 2. Its okay to need help, to be vulnerable and let people see your mess. So I am, searching for those communities that understand what its like to be a mom, business owner, wife...fill in the blank, and I am clinging to the belief that we're not so different from one another, that there's strength in numbers and no woman is an island.

I'll keep this short and sweet, I'm new to this spill your beans on a blog business so bare with me. So stay tuned, more involved content to come!

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